APIVITA is a pioneering Greek company producing innovative natural cosmetics since 1979 that provide safe and effective care protection. Founded in Athens by two pharmacists, APIVITA (the “Life of the bee” in Latin) is a responsible organization that offers effective natural beauty solutions for the face, body and hair, derived from bee products and the powerful Greek flora.

APIVITA since 2017 is a company of the PUIG Group and has a worldwide distribution, which today spans to 14 countries such as Spain, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Romania, Belgium, Portugal, Ukraine, Croatia, Bulgaria, Latvia, United Kingdom, Hungary and Italy. At APIVITA we share a vision for sustainable development with the utmost respect and love for nature and mankind. We therefore seek people with outstanding ability to communicate APIVITA’ s uniqueness, philosophy and values and effectively promote and sell its products and services.

APIVITA the place to be(e) and be(e) all you can be(e)!

Bee on Board!

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